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Hey everybody!
Welcome to Season Two of the Strong Athletic Podcast. In this podcast we study the science and art of coaching and being coached. We talk about why people get into sports, why they stay and also why they might choose to leave. 
We put more focus on people on the fringe of sports, the ones who are less likely to have people paying attention to them, wanting them to stay. When coaches lack resources that they need to coach well and athletes aren’t given the resources that they need to learn, sports can go from being empowering and fun to really frustrating. 
The Strong Athletic Podcast is a safe space for coaches and athletes to come to to learn more about how they can thrive in sports. 
Our show is hosted by Nadia Kean, the owner of Strong Athletic. Nadia was born in Malaga, Spain to her mother who is from Dallas, Texas and her father who is from Fez, Morocco. Nadia's entire name is pronounced differently from how it's spelled. No one knows why, but when Nadia was two and she first moved to Texas with her mom and sister, she started asking her Texas family to pronounce her name like "Nayyyyy-deee-uh". She still has never met another person who says their name this way, so if you know of one, please introduce her! 
Nadia created the Strong Athletic Podcast because she couldn't find a resource that would help her or other coaches get better at coaching. She also couldn't find a resource that would help athletes get better at being coached, and so it seemed like if she couldn't find a book or a podcast that suited her specific needs, she should just create it herself. 
One of our key goals in making the Strong Athletic Podcast is to help keep athletes and coaches in sports. We know that the experience that a person has on their sports team will greatly impact if they choose to stay in sports or leave sports. Participating in sports is not only good for your physical and mental health, it is also good for your experience as a human. When you play sports, you're likely to meet other people who are not like you, go to places that might be further from home and have exposure to experiences you might not have if you didn't play sports. Sports can be the common thread that ties people together that otherwise would not have any type of connection.
We're excited for Season Two, and we hope that it proves to be a valuable resource for you and your team.