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Welcome to the Strong Athletic Podcast

In the Strong Athletic Podcast, we study the science and art of coaching and being coached. We help enrich experiences in sports by utilizing coaching methodology and the real life stories of athletes and coaches. The Strong Athletic Podcast provides our listeners with a safe space in which to learn, think, question, try, experiment, excel and move forward. 


Our initial goal was to fill a void that existed in education for coaches and athletes on sports teams. We know that having skill, desire, motivation, ability, strength, equipment and monetary resources is essential and yet it is still not enough to create athletes, coaches and teams that are performing at their potential.  Sometimes, athletes, coaches and teams underperform because of forces that are not easily identifiable. Miscommunication during the coaching process, misunderstanding while receiving coaching, lack of trust or respect, unclear goals; these are all underlying issues that can affect an athlete, coach or team and cloud the true potential each possess. We created the Strong Athletic Podcast as a resource for people in sports so that they can learn about the pitfalls in the system; realize their true capabilities and potential;  while learning from the stories of other people in sports. 


In 2020, our original host Nadia Kean joined forces with  April Fournier, our new co-host for Season Two. Season Two will continue to provide content that will help athletes, coaches and teams develop their programming and will also include a variety of  guests to share the airwaves. Interviews will focus on each athlete’s or coach’s personal story in sports: how they got to where they are, what drives and motivates them, what has held them back, what they are passionate about now and what their call to action is for the sports community. We’ll be discussing how current events in the United States are shaping the lives of teams and why people within sports must become active participants in helping create the change that we need to see in the world. 


The Strong Athletic Podcast is brought to you by Strong Athletic, the company that empowers people in sports.

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