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Legues Smarty Has Coached

Smarty has a lot to offer any league whether you are just starting out, you are among the elite, bank track or flat track. Smarty captures your attention with her enthusiasm for coaching and breaks down skills and concepts in easy to grasp tidbits that build upon each other. I would jump at any opportunity to learn from Smarty as her training sessions find the perfect balance between instruction and fun which makes them all the more memorable!"

Teflon Donna

Philly Rollergirls, Team USA

"Smarty is a veteran skater of over 8 years who is miraculously still improving her own game while she teaches anyone interested. She was one of the first players in modern derby, one of the first traveling Coaches, and inspiration on several continents. She had more votes than anyone and has probably interacted and affected more skaters that any modern player. She is low-key, accessible, modest and level headed, and is an outstanding coach and player."


In regard to naming a training track at Rollercon 2012 "Smarty Pants Training Track"

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