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Coaching for Coaches 

The Good News

You're a good coach. We know that. Your team's competitive, they win. Your program has support. How did you get yourself and your team to where they are? You were constantly improving your own game as a coach because you knew that it's not just about your athletes getting coaching, it's also about you and your coaching staff getting coaching.


The bad news

Too many coaches put all their resources into the athletes that they work with and they neglect the fact that they need coaching too. You've got to work hard to be a great coach. Unfortunately, not every coach realizes that it's not just about what you know about your sport, it's also about how you coach that information. 

At Get Smarty Coaching we know how hard it can be to find training for coaches and that's why we've created a coaching series to do just that. We offer a 5-week training course for coaches, teachers, trainers and anyone else whose job it is to coach athletes.


These classes are held remotely, so it's no problem if you don't live anywhere close to GSC Headquarters. All you need is the internet and a phone or computer and you can attend these sessions from where ever you are.

Below you will find info on each session, including ticket information. You can email us or send us a FB message to find out if these sessions are right for you.

Basic Coaching Part I
Coaching isn't basic at all, but this course is designed to get you prepped and motivated for your coaching career and to build your confidence in taking on training sessions for the first time. There are lessons for beginner coaches that even experienced coaches will benefit from. You will have the opportunity to chat with Nadia and you'll be able to share tips with other coaches online. 

In this session, you'll learn: 
-Best Methods for Running Practice
-Communication as a Key Driver for Productivity at Practice
-How People Learn
-The Benefits of Being Diligent while at Practice 
This is the first session of a five part Introduction to Coaching Concepts. Make sure you also have a look at Basic Coaching Part 2 to get the full picture. 
Do you ever have one of those coaching sessions where everything seems to go wrong? That doesn't mean people aren't learning - this session will help you take a step back to see the bigger picture.

You'll use this hour to work out ways of understanding if the athlete is learning and how to support the learning process. 

In this session, you'll learn: 
-How to read athletes
-How to explain concepts to athletes for quicker results
-How to find the missing link in the athlete’s ability 

This is the third session of a five part Introduction to Coaching Concepts. 
Watch this video to find out more about Indicators. 
Basic Coaching Part II
In this session we discuss the less obvious requirements that coaching demands of coaches.  You will learn about subtle game changers that are not recommendations for how to run practice, but rather recommendations for how you should act as a coach and how you should treat the athletes that you work with. 
This is the Part 2 of the Introduction to the Fundamentals of Coaching. In Part 2 we take a closer look at the athlete and their role in the coach-athlete partnership.

In this second session, you'll learn: 
-Your Ideas are Valuable, they are the Product of your Intellect 
-Although you're the Coach, Athletes don’t have to listen to you
-There are Barriers between your program and success, what are they?
-Motivation as a Driver for your Team
This is the second session of the five part Introduction to Coaching Concepts.
Do you like getting questions while you coach? Do you hate it? Questions are an indicator that some type of communication is taking place, and when you coach, you want communication. 
In this session we will delve into the fine art of "questions" and how they can actually help you during your coaching sessions, rather than slow you Athletes' questions are not only great for communication, but when understood, they give you information about the athlete. Boost your confidence as a coach by improving how you respond to questions through understanding the motivation behind them.

In this 4th session, you'll learn about:
-Indirect Learners and Direct Learners
-How questions (being asked or the lack there of) can tell you what type of learner you're working with
-How to obtain quicker results at practice through the use of questions

Understanding Your Team
This webinar picks up topics previously discussed as part of Nadia's Building Team Success webinar, but from a coach's point of view. 

Aiming to answer the time old question: How can you Work with your Coach and Teammates for Success on the Team?

In this session, you will learn why it's important to understand: 
-How your teammates think
-How your coach thinks
- How to adapt to your teammates and coach while still maintaining your sense of self as an athlete 

This course is the fifth session of a five part Introduction to Coaching Concepts digital coaching series. 
Sign Up for this Session 
You can take any of these coaching sessions one on one or you can sign up your entire coaching staff. These sessions can also be added on to any coaching clinic. For info on rates and availability, click here to send an email. 
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