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Get Smarty Online Coaching & Consulting

Do you want to improve your skills, ability or understanding of roller derby?  Is your team hoping to improve your ranking and you're not sure which steps you should take to make it happen?  Perhaps you want insight into how higher-level skaters train and rank-up?  Maybe your team is hoping to train with Smarty Pants from the convenience of your own city?  Whatever your reason is, online coaching and consulting is a great option for teams, coaches, captains and skaters who are currently unable to train with SP in person or who want to work with her year round. 

Smarty uses a combination of video chat, live footage assessment and bout footage to help individual skaters and teams take their game play to the next level. 

Team Consulting

When Smarty works with a team it is important for her to know the team's key goals, their timeline and how much of their personal time they are willing to invest. Smarty watches a combination of team practices and games and sits in on meetings with trainers and coaches as she helps them develop their training program. If and when possible Smarty is Skyped into practices and coaches the team in real time. 


Individual Coaching

When Smarty works with an individual she learns as much as she can about the skater's personal goals and timeline before she starts to coach them. She watches a combination of team practices, games and independent skate time to get a good idea of how the skater skates, and then she coaches the skater on what they need to improve in order to take their skating to the next level. SP uses video-chat to give demos and also uses online video assessment to help skaters get a better idea of how they should be skating and playing the game. 


Bout Footage Assessment

Has your team just played a game and you're hoping to find out what you did well and what you need to change? Perhaps you're about to play a team and you want to analyze the games they have online to prepare for the bout? You can do all of this with SP if you have reliable game footage. If you have stats they can be incorporated into the assessment as well. 

– $119 USD for one 90-minute video-chat coaching session or video assessment 
– $549 USD for a package of five 90-minute sessions


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