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Flat Mat Radio

Episode 26: Smarty Pants

In this episode, Kickit chats with roller derby skater and international coach Smarty Pants. Smarty shares her thoughts on the difference between a trainer and a coach, direct and indirect learners, her love of roller derby, and what to consider when you start coaching.

Female Coaching Network 

Nadia Kean

In this interview, the Female Coaching Network does a Q&A with Nadia about why she started Get Smarty Coaching, why she believes every coach should have access to top training, and how that training will help keep athletes in sports. 

DNN Best of 2013
Skater of the Year


In 2013 Smarty was nominated DNN's skater of the year by her peers. DNN stated, "While it's tempting to ask 'Where to from here for Smarty Pants?', I suspect the real question is 'Does DNN need a new Reader Poll Category for 2014?'"

Do you Have What It Takes To Strap On Some Sates?

Have you always dreamt of being a Texas Rollergirl? Are you just interested in seeing what it takes to be a Texecutioner? Coach Nadia Kean gave Naturally Fit Magazine a sampling of her favorite off-skate roller derby conditioning drills These exercises are designed to build not only your strength, but your stability as well. Whether you dream of becoming a derby girl one day or you just want to work on your quick twitch muscles to increase speed, Coach Smarty Pants has something for you! 

Beauty, Brawn, and Boatloads O’ Fun


In this issue, AFM is celebrating the fun side of sports—those fitness aficionados who are a bit out of the mainstream and athletics that are perhaps unknown or misunderstood. We’re playing with some concepts here in our dual cover story on roller derby and beach volleyball, examining the kitschy image of roller derby to expose the athleticism, business acumen, and sense of sisterhood that makes rollergirls just freakin’ awesome.

May 2013 Featured Skater


Smarty Pants started her roller derby career on the banked track in Austin in 2003. Transitioning to the flat track and the Texas Rollergirls in 2011, she has seen the sport, and the players, evolve over her ten years of competitive play. Smarty contributes to the roller derby world not only as a skater, but also as a coach and a mentor. Read on to learn more about this month’s featured skater and roller derby icon, Smarty Pants.

The feature documentary examines the cultural phenomenon of modern roller derby via leagues in Australia and from Austin, Texas.


Directed by Daniel Hayward, This Is Roller Derby looks to the home of modern roller derby by visiting Austin, Texas and features the two leagues that drove the resurgence of the current sport: TXRD The Lonestar Rollers (banked track) and the Texas Rollergirls (flat track). The link between Texas and Australia is a close one, particularly in 2009 when Austin skater Nadine Kean aka Smarty Pants visited several Australian leagues with Gotham Girls skater Dyan Rice aka Cheap Skate to help train newer skaters and help to understand the sport better. Smarty Pants has since visited Canberra several more times and has a special place in CRDL’s heart.

Break Out Player of the Year

After the first day of voting, it was clear there was only really one skater in the running for this award: Smarty Pants. She finished almost 200 votes ahead of Philly’s Shenita Stretcher and 300 ahead of London’s Rogue Runner who found themselves in second and third place. See the rest of the story here.

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