Introducing our New Co-host April Fournier (Ep. 8 Transcript and Show Notes)

Strong Athletic Episode 8: Introducing our New Co-host April Fournier Recording Date: July 2020 APRIL FORNIER Maybe we should kick off the podcast (laughs). NADIA KEAN (laughs) I know. (laughs) We’re like at hour one. (April laughing) We’re just at hour one and we’re like, what do you want to talk about today? APRIL FORNIER Uhhh NADIA KEAN Good times. Okay, so okay. So, okay. So, um, Let’s kick it off, okay. So, I hate my podcast voice sometimes. Like, I know. I know… APRIL FORNIER I won’t look NADIA KEAN When I get really excited, well this is my podcast… when I get really excited I just sound so high pitched, like, whatever. Okay. (Music by the Little Bicycles) NADIA KEAN Hey everybody, th

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