Your Core Values as a Coach (Ep. 3 Transcript and Show Notes)

Episode 3: Your Core Values as a Coach


This day started off like every other day. We warmed up on the ergs. And then we got hands on our boats. We went and launched our boats. And we headed east. I was coaching that day, so I was in a motor boat as it's very common for a coach to be. And my co rowing coach, Catherine, was also in a motor boat. So, we headed east with our crew, and we stop a little bit east of this I-35 bridge. And that's the Interstate I-35 that stretches from Mexico to Canada. And we stop and we talk about what the key content is for the day. And then it's time to get going and my motor boat won't start.

So, this is a really common thing to happen with just old equipment. And we had really old equipment. We were a club team. And so I was pretty annoyed and I told Catherine to go ahead and head east with our crews and I was going to get my boat started. So, I stand up and I put my left foot on the edge of the boat and I put the pull cord to the motor in my right hand. And imagine like a lawn mower that starts with a pull cord rather than a button. And so I start pulling the pull cord and the engine isn't starting

And then it gets stuck. And when it gets stuck, it launches me towards my foot. And then all of my body weight goes where my foot is. And suddenly the edge of the boat gets put underneath the water. And so then water starts to come into the boat. And so I run to the opposite end of the boat just to try to get the water to stop. And suddenly there’s water at my ankles. And then it’s at my knees. And then it’s at my hips. And then suddenly I’m treading water. I’m freaking out. And I’m like, “Catherine! Catherine! Come back!” But she's speeding off in the opposite direction. And even, she couldn't hear me ‘cuz her motor was so loud.

And so there I was, suddenly treading water and it was black outside. It was dark night still, like 5 a.m. And the water was so cold. And I was all alone by myself.

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Welcome to the third episode of the Strong Athletic Podcast. I’m your host, Nadia Kean. In this podcast, we study the science and art of coaching and being coached. We decided to produce the Strong Athletic Podcast as our contribution to keep people active, whether it’s in sports or simply doing things that are good for their body. I personally think that a natural departure from sports is okay. The kind of the departure that comes after a gratifying career, or maybe after you finished high school or college and you've graduated, or maybe after you just want to go and do something else. I think a premature departure from sports is really unfortunate. The kind of departure that comes after you’ve had a bad interaction with a coach, or a bad interaction with a teammate, or for some reason you feel like you're being pushed off of a team. And I think that it should be taken seriously when people leave sports but they'd rather stay in them. So, that’s one of the goals of the Strong Athletic Podcast is just to give people resources so that they have a better experience in sports, a better interaction with their coaches, or if you’re a coach, a better interaction with the athletes. This podcast is totally free for you and it's because we have badass sponsors.

Today’s sponsor is Strong Athletic. So, Strong Athletic is my t-shirt company.And the goals of Strong Athletic are in alignment with the goals of this podcast. We like to put powerful words across the chest of bold humans. And we also want people to realize that they don't need anybody's permission to use the words ‘strong,’ ‘athletic,’ or ‘athlete.’ You’re authentic. You're the real deal. You are strong, athletic. Find us at


For the next two episodes, we’re going to focus on your core values as either an athlete or a coach. If you've never thought about having a core value in sports, I think that you should. And I bet you already do, you just might not think of them as a core value. An example of a core value in life is maybe you put trust before anything else, or you always make sure that your family comes first. A core value in sports would be your key belief either as an athlete or as a coach. For instance in college rowing, our core value was that you always show up to practice. You just don't miss practice. And then the second core value was that you always show up to practice on time. And this was essential for making everything work on schedule. And if people missed practices, maybe once every year, and that's how few people missed practice, then you might understand it and you might think of it as a mistake. But if someone was missing practice multiple times a month, then you would realize that their goals were not in alignment with the team. And then you just have a discussion about it.

I'm choosing to focus on your core values because I think that they impact and tie into why you choose to stay in sports and also why you leave. The topic is actually so vast and important to me that I'm breaking it down into two separate podcasts. In today’s podcast, we’re going to focus on the core value from the aspect of the coach’s perspective. And then in our next podcast, we’re going to focus on core values from the athlete’s perspective. Now if you’re an athlete, that doesn't mean that you should just hit ‘stop’ and not listen to the rest of the podcast. If you're an athlete, today what I want you to do is do these activities from the perspective of a coach. So, you might be a coach yourself and also an athlete, or you might have never been a coach before ever. But what I want you to think about is what you think a coach’s core value should be. In the next episode, coaches, that's exactly what I want you to do. So you're going to think about the core values that an athlete should have, or the athletes that you coach what you would hope their core values are as athletes on a team.

If it's your first time joining us for the Strong Athletic Podcast, first I want to welcome you. Thank you so much for joining. I actually only do this podcast for you. And so if you're not listening, then there's really no reason for me to be doing this. Throughout my podcast it’s common for me to encourage you to hit ‘pause’ and think about the questions that I'm asking you about during the show. Some people like to just quietly think about them and then hit ‘play’ and listen to the podcast. Other people like to journal about them. We've gotten some cool emails from people talking about their Strong Athletic Podcast journal. And thank you for sending us photos. If you have a special journal that you have put to the side just for the Strong Athletic Podcast, I want you to send us a photo of it ‘cuz we want to see what it looks like. Maybe we'll even have a journal challenge at some point in the future.