Your Core Values as an Athlete (Ep. 4 Transcript and Show Notes)

Strong Athletic Podcast Episode 4: Your Core Values as an Athlete


Hey, everybody. Welcome to the fourth episode of the Strong Athletic Podcast. I’m your host, Nadia Kean.

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If you’re tuning in for the first time, first I’d like to welcome you. Welcome. As I said, my name is Nadia Kean. And if you read my name, you might be surprised to hear how I pronounce it. And the way that I like to teach people to say my name is to think about how a horse would say it. So, I think that a horse, if a horse was saying my name which would be pretty spectacular, I think the horse would say, “Neigh-dia.” And so, that’s how I teach people. And then you think of candy canes. And then you get my name. Nadia Kean. If you’re somebody who really likes to pronounce things while reading them, don’t try to read my name or you’ll always mispronounce it.

It’s been really fun making this podcast. And the reason that I decided to start making it is for a few reasons. One is because I was looking for a resource such as this one, a podcast that’d help me get better at coaching. I really like podcasts. I think they’re a cool format in which people can learn about cool and interesting things. So, I was looking for a podcast to help me get better at coaching because that’s something I’m always striving for. And I couldn’t find one. And then, you know, it got me thinking about if there's a podcast that teaches athletes rather than coaches. So, it teaches athletes how to become better at getting coached. And so I looked for that and I couldn’t find one. And so the type of person that I am is if I can't find something and I think it's of value, then I'm going to create it.

I started this podcast because I wanted to create that resource for people in the sports community. And also it's an extension of my t-shirt company. The goal of my t-shirt company is to give people a platform in which they can express themselves. The very, very first Strong Athletic t-shirt, which was designed in the fall of 2013 by Kristin Perks, was made because Kristen had heard me say over and over, “What a fine group of strong, athletic women.” And Kristen heard me say this at derby practice. We were teammates. And I used to call my teammates a fine group of strong, athletic women in protest of us always being called girls. So I was over us being called girls and I wanted to educate people that it was incorrect to call a grown woman a girl. And so, I’d call people this. Well, Kristen took it one step further. And she was playing around with screen printing. And so she designed me this shirt that said, “Strong Athletic Woman” in really bold white letters on a simple gray shirt. She gave it to me for Christmas and that essentially changed my life. So, Kristen I know that you're busy these days, but if you're listening to this podcast, I just want you to know I'm forever grateful for you doing that for me ‘cuz that was a massive thing that you did for my life.

So my t-shirt company, Strong Athletic, has this goal in addition to giving people a platform in which they can express themselves, we also want to help keep people in sports. And this is not to say that we think everybody should play sports or sports is good for everyone to do. But I am positive that being active in some way is good for your health and good for your body and your brain, and that playing sports is a wonderful platform in which you can be active. I also believe that it's really unfortunate when people leave sports prematurely. A premature departure from sports would be one that somebody felt like they were forced into, or the situation on their sports team was so uncomfortable they decided the easiest thing to do was to leave. I think these types of departures from sport are really unfortunate. And one of my goals with my podcast is to give people ideas for how they can better communicate with one another, whether they are looking at that from the perspective of the coach or from the athlete or a teammate. And so if you're finding my podcast useful for that, then I'm really happy about that because that's essentially why I’m making it.

In last week's episode, we talked about your core values as a coach. And if you're coaching and you've never thought about your core values, and you did the exercises that I asked you to do last week, then I hope that that gave you some insight. You might recall that I told athletes that y'all weren’t off the hook, that I wanted you to do the exercises too and think about what you would hope your coach’s core values were. So athletes, if you listened to that episode and you found it useful, wonderful. If you think that your coach is in alignment with those core values, then that's great. But if you are finding that you wish your coach shared more of the core values that you think a coach should have, then perhaps that's a conversation that you need to have with your coach.

If you didn't get a chance to listen to Episode Three, no big deal. After today's episode, go back and have a listen to it because I think it will give you some insight. You'll just be approaching this concept from the perspective of the athlete first, rather than the perspective of a coach. And really, approaching it from one way or the other doesn't really matter. It's just most important that you just do it.


So as you know, the Strong Athletic Podcast is all about helping you solve problems that you have now or that might come up while you're in sports. And sometimes those problems are sort of heavy and they, you know, they kind of dig deep into who we are as athletes, or people, or coaches, because they have to do with real problems that we really care about. So, we’re going to solve a problem that’s pretty annoying, but it’s really easy to fix. And it’s that I had no idea where to put my cell phone while I worked out. And I like to listen to podcasts when I'm running or lifting or erging, and I didn't have a good place to put it. I put them in my bra, but then my phone would get really, really gross. And so I had heard that Superfit Hero was designing activewear that had pockets in it. And so, I thought I'd look into it. And holy smoke! I'm so happy that I did. So, let me tell you about Superfit Hero if you haven't heard of them. So, they started off as a derby company, but people in all sports wear them. And they just make this premium activewear. And it’s super tough, and it’s great for any workout. They are designed and tested for athletes of all sizes, so from extra small to 5XL. And they're manufactured ethically in Southern California, which I love. And again they have those pockets, so it's perfect for me. The only problem is that I need to buy a couple more pairs ‘cuz I only have one pair and I don't work out once a week. Oh, you know. But I don’t think Superfit can do anything about that, except that they are offering 15% off of your next purchase. So, go to That's easy to remember. And check them out. And then if you find something that you want and you put it in your cart, use the following code at checkout. Okay. Get your pen out. It’s kind of complicated. The code is STRONGATHLETIC. So, anyway. So, I’m gonna go to and I’m going to use that code so that I don’t have to do laundry all the time. And I think you should too. And hey, Superfit Hero, thank you so much for supporting Strong Athletic.