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Welcome to Get Smarty Coaching 

Photo is by Michele J. Hale

Set up your Get Smarty Coaching Clinic 

Nadia is one of the most experiencd and respected coaches in roller derby. 

Why Bring out Coach Nadia Kean?​​

There is a formulaic system that can be followed which combines and focuses on skill, strategy, rules, sport theory, neurology and physical fitness to train athletes and build strong teams. Nadia combines a variety of concepts to design programs for and to teach skaters of all levels. When your league or training camp chooses to hire Get Smarty Coaching, you ensure that you will receive a personalized training agenda that is designed specifically for the needs and goals of your group. By making each camp personalized Nadia guarantees that your key goals will be focused on throughout your session.

Concepts, Goals and Topics

Coach Kean coaches topics that are specifically requested by the league. Examples are listed below: 


On and Off Skates Coaching Includes

  • Skater skills including footwork, agility and stride

  • Blocking concept and strategy in and out of the pack

  • Jammer skills and strategy

  • Using the rules for strategy

  • Learning the rules for game play(this class may involve ref participation)

  • Strategy: basic, intermediate and advanced

  • Scrimmaging with a purpose: scrimmage, discuss, repeat

  • ​Neurology, sport and the overlap


Off Skates Consulting Includes

  • Coaching for your coaches, trainers or captains on how to coach & lead during practices

  • Pre and/or post training meeting 

  • Set goals for the future and current training program 

  • Writing line-ups and managing teams

  • Managing a bench on game day

Interactive Video

Interactive Video is a teaching method that Smarty uses in which video is incorporated into the training session. This is done in two ways.

  • The first way is that your league films the session (most leagues use their phone and have one non-skating member do all the filming for the night, but some get very fancy with their set-up).

  • The second way in which we use film is that your league members actually film one another doing drills, skills and maneuvers during the session. We use the footage to make real time adjustments on what we’re doing on the track. (It’s pretty rad to watch skaters learn from watching the footage, making adjustments and repeating the process. 

  • The rate for this varies depending on the number of hours your league books

Coach Nadia Kean had coached Gotham Girls Roller Derby before I ever even put on a pair of skates. She has been instrumental in getting countless leagues and individual skaters started on the path to Roller Derby success around the world for over 10 years. Her skill both on and off the track made her an obvious choice for a leadership role on Team USA. 

Buster Cheatin

Team USA Head Coach 2011-2016,  Gotham Girls Head Coach 

Fly Nadia in for a Clinic

Do you want a private Get Smarty Coaching Clinic for your roller derby league? Bring Smarty Pants to your town to run a specialized clinic that is designed by Smarty and your training team to suit the specific needs of your team or league. These clinics can be held during the week or on a weekend. Smarty can coach juniors and adults. This package includes 14-16 hours of training, Interactive Video, all coaching costs, clinic prep, meals, taxes and $250 of travel costs.


Single Day Sessions 

If Smarty's within 3 hours of your city, you can ask her to run a roller derby training clinic for your league and the travel costs are usually cheaper because your league does not need to pay for 100% of travel expenses. Smarty will work with your roller derby league to develop the training plan.  Smarty can coach juniors and adults. The fee includes all coaching costs, meals, taxes and

most travel costs.



Flat Rate of $669, your league can book up to 4 hours for that rate, with the option to add Interactive Video for $99



6 hours for $1050, add Interactive Video for $99

7 hours for $1190, add Interactive Video for $89

8 hours for $1280, add Interactive Video for $79

Ask Smarty if you can do multiple days​

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